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HLB's© recruiting assistance focuses on TARGETED recruiting promotion, not mass “self-recruiting” mailings. Our primary objective is to empower student-athletes and parents so they can have a direct impact on their own recruiting process, resulting in a less pressured environment, better production of realistic options and, ideally, a better college fit.

How Services are offered:

Consultant Direct Management/Involvement
The client hires HLB in an advisory capacity. Client can learn how to use techniques, materials (video and written) and methods to assist themselves in the recruiting process. The client (player and family) will do all of the “hands on” activity. The client hires HLB to be directly involved and in charge of services, such as targeted mailings, in-home visit monitoring and videotaping or editing games/workouts for players.

Service Pricing
  1. All services are custom-quoted based on the details of that service, with the exception of the Initial Consultation, which is a flat $40 rate.
  2. Services are offered individually or may be grouped as a package as outlined in the Recommendations
    and Options proposal, which is prepared and presented after the Initial Consultation.
  3. Services are prepaid, however, installment payment options are possible. Options are covered in the proposal.

  1. Schedule an Initial Consultation
    ALL interested parties MUST schedule an initial consultation meeting first before ANY services will be rendered. Any general questions about the services should be directed to HLB at any time prior or during the process.
  2. Gather any requested materials for the Initial Consultation meeting (i.e. – transcripts, college inquiries, etc.)
  3. Look over the services menu to get an idea of which services interest you, or most likely apply to you.
  4. Determine your budget range for the services.
  5. Receive and review the Recommendations and Options proposal
    After the conclusion of the Initial Consultation, HLB will custom design a list of services and/or packages best suited to your current goals, including details of what each will involve and the associated costs. From there, you will determine which to use – and to what level, then sign a custom agreement for services.

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Services Coordinated by:

Coach Rob Raque , in his 28th year of coaching overall, including 6 years at the collegiate level as an assistant at the University of Southern Indiana under Coach Bruce Pearl and at Bellarmine under Bob Valvano.

Coach Don Evans 20 years of college coaching experience, including time at Western Kentucky and the University of Minnesota (under Clem Haskins) and at Idaho State.

Both COACH RAQUE & COACH EVANS are Professional Development Series
(PDA) Certified members of the NABC (National Association of Basketball Coaches).
You may find their complete bios at

What are the advantages of HLB's approach over traditional recruiting services?

No inflated costs like traditional services, where prices can range from $750 and up for mass mailing promotions. Packages are available, as are Single Services, but families can also customize their approach to fit even a moderate budget.

Honest, fair and accurate projected Level Evaluations and Level Recommendation Reports completed by HLB’s staff, who are trained to evaluate players honestly and fairly.

TARGETED promotional advising and/or coordination, using Self-Promoting, NOT self-recruiting and mass “selling.”

Services are designed, coordinated and run by an experienced staff, with just under 30 years of college coaching experience at the NCAA Division I and II levels. In addition, the support staff boasts over 25 years of high school coaching experience, including assisting players during the recruiting process. From a players’ perspective, the staff also brings over 20 years of college playing experience to the table.
** Staffers coordinating Recruiting Assistance Services are NABC-PDS Certified coaches, meaning they have attended the NABC annual Professional Development Series sessions, including those on the rules, requirements and ethical approaches in recruiting.

Services are developed and administered to help EDUCATE the families involved about the recruiting process. Our services are not designed to be a “point of sale” event, but the beginning of a relationship to help that player and his/her family understand, manage and have, at the very least, some control over the recruiting process. Our belief is that this process is about finding the best possible situation for the student-athlete, parent(s), immediate family and school, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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