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Dear Coaches -

Welcome to our new Coaches Corner webpage!

This page will offer tips, advice, articles and more for coaches of all ages and levels from our NABC-PDS certified coaching staff. What does NABC-PDS stand for? The NABC is the National Association of Basketball Coaches. HLB are requires instructors to become members once they reach the associate level. The PDS stands for the Professional Development Series, which is an annual certification program conducted at the NABC Convention during the Men’s NCAA Final Four.

The Coaches Corner will provide links to helpful coaching websites and articles, as well as contain information on HLB coaching clinics – both traditional and customized clinics HLB offers to teams, schools, churches (see below for more details.)

In early 2008, HLB will launch a coaches’ discussion/webclinic program, with special advising sessions and programs through the coaches corner. We encourage you to add this page to your favorites and check back frequently!

Coaches Corner Announcements

Coaches Clinic Information

HLB offers coaches clinics for current and aspiring coaches of all levels during the spring and fall. These clinics are usually half-day events that offer advice, assistance and answer questions on everything related to coaching from administrative areas (how to organize the season, practices; how to set up team travel efficiently, etc.) to strategic areas (“x’s & o’s”) and how to teach skill work.

 Clinics involve both traditional “in-classroom” sessions and live, on-court demonstrations

 Sessions are designed and conducted by HLB’s NABC-PDS certified staff, as well as experienced, expert coaches/speakers with backgrounds in college, high school and even professional coaching.

Custom Coaching Clinics

YES! HLB does offer customized coaching clinics for teams, church groups, schools and other organizations.

 Clinics are designed to fit the specific needs of the group in terms of time, budget and desired results

 Formats range from full day clinics for schools with multiple teams to short 2 or 3 hour clinics for a group of recreational league coaches.

 Clinics are typically VERY cost effective per coach.

If your group is interested in a Custom Coaches Clinic, please call 742-4857, ext. #1 or contact us via email through the contact page.

LINKS to helpful websites for Coaches:


By Rob Raque

Former men's assistant coach, Bellarmine College, Louisville, KY

Pressure your opponent. Create turnovers that lead to easy baskets - all without being burned by giving up open shots. The wish of virtually every coach is to create some offense from his/her defense, while limiting the risks they have to take. Of course, that is a difficult, sometimes improbable, balancing act as most pressure is high risk/high reward. If you want to create some easy offense through pressure, but are concerned about the chances you take in pressure defense, the 2-1-2 three-quarter-court press may be for you. Read Full Article

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