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  What is the difference between a camp and a clinic?

A camp is typically a multi-hour event that runs on consecutive days. A clinic is usually shorter – typically an hour or hour-and-a-half and takes place over several days, usually non-consecutive.

  What type of skills are worked on at HLB’s camps?

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  Who designs the schedules for and administers HLB’s camps and clinics?

ALL HLB camps and clinics are designed by one, or more, of HLB’s NABC (National Association of Basketball Coaches), Professional Development Series (PDS) certified coaches. The camps and clinics are also under the daily direction and administration of an NABC-PDS certified coach. HLB’s coaching staff has over 50 years of college and high school camp coaching experience.

  How is the time at camps divided among skill work vs. live play, contests, etc.?

At all of HLB’s day, ½ day and mini-camps, we use a format of 2/3 –3/4 of the time as skill work and the remainder split between contests, breakdown play (2 vs. 2; 3 vs. 3; 4 vs. 4), guest lectures 5 vs. 5 play. Our primary focus in all non-specialty camps is: (1) to keep our coach-to-player ratios low so that we can have intense, well-monitored work on individual skill sets; then support that with (2) breakdown play that emphasizes game speed use of the skills we work on; and (3) finally some supported 5 vs. 5 play.

  What are specialty camps?

HLB offers a number of specialty camps throughout the year, such as our shooting and/or position camps. These camps focus only on the skill sets and competitive drills needed to reinforce skills in the areas of shooting or in position based play (perimeter, guard, post.)

  What are the advantages of coming to an HLB camp or clinic?

Low Coach to Camper ratio ensuring individual attention for each camper in skill development.
Directors/Coaching Staff have over 50 years of camp experience.
Campers grouped by age & ability level via unique evaluation process.
Intense fundamental instruction/drills daily.
Each Camper receives a shirt, ball and individual improvement booklet, including a personal evaluation.
Daily contests to test skill work (3-on-3, hotshot, knockout, shooting.)
Enthusiastic, experienced and entertaining lectures by guest speakers—including former college coaches/players.

  What is a custom camp? Do you offer camps only for a specific team/church/organization?

A CUSTOM CAMP/CLINIC is one that is set up and designed for a specific team/church group or other organization. Custom clinics and camps can be formatted to fit the needs, time requirements and budgets of virtually any group. Typically these are held at a facility owned or provided by the group, although HLB has the ability to host the group at one of it’s facilities as well. For more details on how to set up a customized clinic for your team, church group or organization, please contact us at 742-4857, ext. #1 or via email from the contact page.

  What is a “mini-camp”?

A mini-camp is a shorter version of one of our traditional camps. These are offered/added at various times throughout the year and may have a more narrow focus (such as preparation for school tryouts), or may contain work on all skills.

  What types of regular clinics does HLB offer?

HLB’s primary clinics are it’s PRESEASON clinics, offered in early Fall as a way to help high school, middle school and grade school players a way to get ready for the start of practice/tryouts for that upcoming season. A number of formats are offered each spring, including a combination skill/conditioning clinic and also a conditioning only clinic. All conditioning work for HLB is designed and administered by The EDGE Sports Conditioning – the official sports training group of the Louisville Fire Indoor Arena Football Team, as well as the official trainer of over 15 local high school sports teams.

HLB also offers a Christmas Break Clinic/Camp each year. This program is designed to help players keep from getting “rusty” over the long holiday break, as most teams are much less active in practices and games during this period. The dates and times for Christmas Break programs are typically released in early December.

  Are the clinics listed on the camp and clinic page the only HLB offers throughout the year?

No – HLB adds camps and clinics frequently throughout the year. Please check back often on the camp and clinic page and look under “Camp and Clinic News” for announcements of upcoming dates and offerings.

  Does HLB offer any assistance for coaches? If so, what level of coaching experience is needed to attend?

Yes, HLB works with coaches of ALL levels and backgrounds, including offering CUSTOM coaching clinics for specific schools/organizations/churches. Please check here for more info.

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