Higher Level Basketball


Team Program Mission:

HLB’s© Team Program mission is to fill the need for competition in a team environment with the express purpose of providing an opportunity in which players can test individual skill development/improvement under game pressure and at game speed.

The most important goal of the programs is to create real and measurable individual skill improvement in an environment that facilitates the player’s love of the game – and therefore enhance their personal desire/commitment to improve their individual skill level.

It is important to note that winning is not the primary focus, but IS a consistent team goal, as we work to compete with higher quality teams in our region.

Guiding Principles:

To further each player’s love of playing the game
Teach players HOW to play hard
To address and convey proper perspective of where basketball fits in life

Teaching Goals:

1. Improve individual skill levels in 7 skill areas (The “Super 7”):
Playing without the ball
Individual offensive skills with the ball
2. To instruct & improve these skills within a team concept, teaching players the value of team play.
3. To raise a player’s confidence level so that they will use the above skills under pressure at game speed.
4. To build on #3 above so that players can successfully use improved individual skills.
5. To give players more understanding of the game in general, but more specifically, their own game, so they can gain control over their own improvement.